# Deals

# Deal Status

Each deal has a status, the possible deal statuses are open, won, and lost, by properly changing the deal status you can use filters to segment your deals and easily identify deals to work on and follow up, for example, maybe you want to re-visit all deals that were created in January and that are with status "Lost".

When the deal status is open, means that the the sale agent is still negotiating with the customer and Concord CRM tracks the time the deal has been in a specific stage.

You can still update the deal, send emails, add notes, etc..., when the deal is marked as "Won" or "Lost".

# Change Deal Status

To change the deal status, navigate to the deal profile and use the top right "Won" and "Lost" buttons.

Change Deal Status

When changing the deal status to "Lost" you can enter lost reason, so you and your team know why the deal was marked as lost, the status changelog will be automatically pinned on the top of the deal timeline.

When a deal is marked as "Lost" or "Won", Concord CRM will no longer track time in stage the deal has been, you will need to re-open deal in order to properly track how much time the deal was sitting in a specific stage.

# Been in Stage Time

As mentioned previously, when deal is with status "Open", Concord CRM will track how much time the deal sits in a specific stage, so you can have an overview of the stage the deal spent most of the time.

To see the time the deal has been in a specific stage, hover on the stage name in the deal profile.

Deal Been in Stage Tracking