# Products

The products resource in Concord CRM gives you the ability to create predefined products that your company is selling to potential clients and insert the predefined products in deals so you and your sales reps can have a clear overview of what products the deal is related to and auto update the deal total amount based on the added products.

# Create Product

  • When logged-in in Concord CRM, click on the Product menu item.

  • In the right side, click Create Product.

  • A form will be shown with the following fields:

    1. Name

      Enter the product name.

    2. Description

      Additional description for the product.

    3. Unit Price

      The price of each unit sold.

    4. Direct Cost

      Cost related to the development or production of the product.

    5. Tax Rate

      If the product has tax, add predefined tax percent.

      Note that default tax rate can be changed in Settings->Products.

    6. Tax Label

      Product tax label, for example, TAX or VAT.

      Note that default tax label can be changed in Settings->Products.

    7. Unit

      Unit is used to specify product unit for example: kg, lot(s) etc...and when the product will be displayed on the table will be shown as e.q. 1 kg.

    8. SKU

      To easily search and identify products, you can add SKU (stock-keeping unit) if it's applicable for your company.

  • If you check the Active (default checked), the product by default will be shown in the dropdown, for example when adding products to deal.

  • Click Create.

# Update Product

  • When logged-in in Concord CRM, click on the Products menu item.
  • From the table, click on the product name.
  • The form will be shown, update any fields that is needed.
  • Click Save.

# Delete Product

There are multiple way to delete a product, via table actions and via table delete button.

  • Via table actions

    When viewing the products table, use the checkbox on the left side to select the product(s) you want to delete and then select e.q. "Delete Product" action from the right side of the table available actions.

  • Via table delete button

    Hover on the product name when viewing the products table, and click on the delete button.


  • At this time, deleting a product is irreversible action, once the product is deleted, you cannot restore the information that was previously stored.

  • When a product is deleted, the product is not removed from the resources where it's used, for example, if you delete a product that was used in deals(s), the product will be deleted only from the predefined products list but not from the deal(s) that used the product.

# Adding Products to Deal(s)

Now that you created predefined products, you can use these products to easily add them to deals with just few clicks.

  • Navigate to the deal profile you want to add product(s).

  • Click the Products tab and click Manage Products and a popup will be shown to manage products for the specific deal.

  • Select Tax Exclusive, Tax Inclusive or No Tax based on your requirements.

    Usually if your company does not include tax in the offerings, you should select "No Tax", this will remove the product tax column, however, if your company product prices are with tax included, select the "Tax Inclusive" option.

    Keep in mind that you will still need to define/add taxes for the product(s) for the "Tax Exclusive" and "Tax Inclusive" because Concord CRM needs the tax rate to perform calculations in order to exclude or include the tax for the product.

    Note that the default selected tax type can be changed in Settings->Products.

  • Add your first product by clicking on the dropdown and click on the product the deal is related, after the product is selected, the calculations will be performed and you will be able to see the totals at the bottom.


    If sales reps enter a product name manually in the products dropdown and there is no product with the same name, the product will be created as new product.

Add Products to Deal
  • Adjust any values, like quantity, description, rate, tax, discount based on the requirements.


    Adjusting the values of the rate, tax, description etc... does not affect the predefined product.

  • Click Save to save the products to the deal.

After the products are saved, the deal amount will be automatically updated based on the products and list of the products related to the deal will be displayed in the products tab.

Deal Products


When Concord CRM determines that there are added products to the deal, the deal amount field is automatically populated based on the total from all products, in this case, you cannot edit the deal amount field manually when there are products added.

Deal Amount Field Disabled